WNDE is the recognized leader for Industrial Instrumentation installation, calibration, communication, maintenance, troubleshooting, start-up and commissioning. From instrument procurement to full commissioning, WNDE is able to provide a turn-key solution for any Industrial Instrumentation system. The performance of every system we install, maintain, certify, troubleshoot, or commission clearly demonstrates why we are considered the leader in Industrial instrumentation & Communications. See below for a partial list of the Instrumentation & Communication services.


Whether your current machinery needs to be used for a new application or if your control software needs to be upgraded to integrate into a modern line, our programming services can help improve the reliability and repeat ability of your facility.
WNDE programmers have years of experience with a wide range of programming environments. We can use both PLC control and SCADA systems to modify existing programs as well as upgrade outdated controls.
We have the tools and expertise to improve your process with solutions that will help keep you on the road to profitability. From easy-to-use operator interfaces, with networked reporting capability, to entire client/server HMI/SCADA systems, we can put together the optimal solution for your application.
We stay current with the latest programming technologies and techniques to ensure that our programming is designed and implemented with current and future needs in mind.
You can relax knowing that we will make the right decisions for your project, regardless of what industry you are in.





Installation Services include

Industrial Instrumentation Hardware

Pressure, Level, Flow, Temperature, Power, Position, etc.
Install, Calibrate (Bench & Field), Repair, Range, Test, Loop Check, etc. Experience with nearly every instrument manufacturer Tubing Installation & Testing

Industrial Instrumentation Hardware

Testing, Loop Checks, Start-Up, Troubleshooting, etc. Maintenance and Upgrade Service 24-hour Emergency Service


Instrument Procurement & Storage

Industrial Control Systems

Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
Honeywell, Emerson, ABB, Rockwell, Siemens, Bailey, Etc.
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) & Process Logic Controller (PLC) Communication Protocols: Ether, Serial, IEC 608070, DNP3, Fieldbus, Modbus, Profibus, DF1, etc.

Process Controls

Electric Heat Trace (EHT) installation and commissioning


Instrument Inspection & Documentation

Instrumentation Support Hardware

Conduit, Cable Tray, Junction Boxes, Field Bricks, Field Converters, Enclosures, etc. Cable – Copper, Fiber, etc.


Instrumentation Calibration Copper & Fiber Cable


WNDE designs and builds a wide range of specialized control panels from single push-button stations to advanced multi-bay enclosures, offering support from design concept to completion. We tailor each cabinet to the exact specifications unique to your project, using the best products from trusted manufacturers.
We benefit from decades of experience building control panels for some of the biggest names in industry. Because everything we’ve learned goes into everything we build, we’re continuously streamlining processes and creating efficiencies, which pass savings directly on to you.

Panel Types