From One Of The Top Construction Companies In Saudia Arabia(KSA).

Wish ‘N’ Deal is general construction work, design and construction services and civil works. As one of the top construction companies in Saudia Arabia(KSA), we are proud to provide high quality construction services, and we are committed to maintaining these standards with every new project.
Our ability to provide quality building and construction services can be seen in the wide range of projects we have completed for both commercial and residential clients. We are capable and ready to complete projects of any size, from small to multimillion Riyal contracts.

The wide range of construction projects we include the following:

  • General Building Works
  • Small Concrete Repairs
  • Large Residential Villas
  • Villa Extensions and Alterations
  • Commercial Alterations and Refurbishments
  • Civil Works for the Solar Parks
  • Equine Stables
  • Accommodation Blocks
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In addition to the traditional method of designing, tendering, and awarding contracts, we also offer and launch ‘design and build’ services for our clients. We work with recognized and experienced consultants to develop client designs along with the value engineering process. This ensures that the final product not only meets the highest quality standards but also meets all the needs of the client.
While the construction market in Saudia Arabia(KSA) is growing rapidly, we have assumed a controlled development in Wish ‘N’ Deal, so as not to affect the close working relationships we have established with our customers. Our staff is very proud of our work to ensure the satisfactory and successful completion of all projects.

It is our dedicated staff and manpower that lead us to success in every construction project. That’s why safety is our number one priority. We are always working with clients to ensure that each project meets its design requirements and is completed safely.
Our team is dedicated to everything. We constantly strive to complete every construction project safely, on time, and to the highest standards, regardless of the cost of the project. We are happy to deal with any inquiries that may come our way and to help customers and advise them in the best possible way.

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