Civil Construction
Industrial Solution!We have experienced manpower providing following civil services: Asphalt Works, Civil Construction, Demolition, Repair, Renovation and Cladding.
We Provide Outstanding
Building Industrial Services!Our highly caliber Engineers, Consultants and Technical Staff in the Industrial fields, like construction, maintenance and sites planning & developments. Offering industrial services such as Electromechanical, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Electrical, Earthworks.
Equipment RentalWe rent out Cranes Men Lifter, Concrete Mixer, Forklifts, Air Compressors, Tower Lights etc.


Group with collaborative spirit facilitates Engineers and disseminates construction and other services fostering the world’s Ethical, Social, Economic, and Intellectual growth, using progressive and diverse techniques on the cutting edge of the construction industry.
Also, will provide a greater opportunity of Saudi youth to learn and develop skills and experience to contribute better in building our national growth of Saudi Arabia.

A Global Standard In Industrial Contracting.

Leading Industrial & Manufacturing Company

To set the standard and pace in variety of services in all arenas, through hard work, ethical business practices, and philanthropic endeavors and to provide quality services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers.

A Global Standard In Industrial Contracting.

The Best Solution For All
Industrial & Factories!

Quality Product

We Provides a wide range high performance services across multiple industries and technologies.

Competitive Price

We provide a wide range of high performance services in competitive price deals in industries technologies.

Fast Delivery

Wish N Deal, construction is a project delivery strategy that starts construction before the design is complete.

Effective Plant Shutdown And Turnaround!

Maximize Plant Downtime: More than just upkeep & repair

Scheduled plant shutdowns can be an excellent time to perform upgrades, run critical tests, optimize automation, and plan for the future. Even small or remote access plants can benefit from using this downtime in a productive way.
The holidays are a great time of year to schedule downtime or even a full shutdown because there’s little to no staff in the building, machines can be tested individually (they can also be moved safely) and finally, data can be gathered in an isolated, controlled environment if need be.
It’s also important to think about the future. Use scheduled downtimes to audit your processes, mitigate risk by updating safety protocols, test reporting and connectivity between platforms, perform machine upgrades, or test capabilities for future implementation. Take it a step further by

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Our Services

Civil &Construction

High quality construction and civil works constitute an essential part of a successful project

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WNDE can handle all installation and repair needs from motor controllers and manage electrical issues

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Equipment Rental

Equipment rental Providing machinery, equipment and tools of all kinds and sizes fix and resolve it

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Industrial Automation

We have the tools and expertise to improve your process with solutions that will help keep you on the road to profitability, fixed Hard Automation

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Electromechanical technicians install, repair, upgrade, test, electronic and computer-controlled mechanical systems or electromechanical equipment

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Fiber Optics & Network Solutions

We live in a fast-paced environment where high-speed and effective exchange of communication can mean the success or failure of a business

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